Stella Vidal Self Love

Multidimensional Healing Life Coach, Wellness.

Would you be different if you were not being judged?

Imagine the version of yourself that blossomed out of a judgement-free zone! Exciting and empowering podcast!

I'm stuck with my husband and I'm going NUTZ!

Our generation is living through a Pandemic. We will be in the history books for hundreds of years. How would you like to be remembered? Are you struggling through these times? Then you must listen to this podcast. You will walk away with valuable information that is easy to use.

A soothing meditation to heal mind, body and soul.

Stream music and playlists with SoundCloud and wow your visitors with your tunes.If you're feeling tense and overwhelmed with emotion, this meditation will soothe you into a peaceful state. Thank you for listening and sharing.